Ben Annand – Live at Slinky 16 – May 2015

This is the live recording of Ben Annand’s set from Slinky Family Gathering’s 16th anniversary in May 2015. This set took place on Saturday evening following our opening ceremony potluck. Jessica kicked things off from 9pm-10:30pm.

Download it, share it, stream it. Enjoy!

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Ben Annand
(Tropical, Moontribe-LA)

For over two decades, Moontribe has been a staple outdoor gathering for LA ravers — sprouting up only when the moon is full and lighting up the night sky. Sixteen of those twenty plus years Ben Annand has been the ritual’s house music selector. Besides being Moontribe’s resident DJ, Ben also produces his own event — Tropical – a party that takes on many shapes: on boats, in warehouses, and under the stars. It’s evident by Ben’s musical style that the full moon vibe resonates deeply within his spirit.