Dougal – JAM On It Podcast – October 2012

We are honored to have Dougal (Doug) on this week’s JAM On It podcast. We had Dougal play at our 13th Slinky event on July 28th of this year. We were planning to release his live set, but it, along with a few other sets,  had some glitches in the recording and won’t be released. Stay tuned to our podcast as we will begin to have more guest dj mixes and releases from our own Slinky residents.

Dougal is no stranger to the underground dance scene. For 18 years he has been the man behind one of Los Angeles’ most respected and cherished underground events, F.A.M.I.L.Y. Along with celebrating the 18 year anniversary of F.A.M.I.L.Y in 2012, Dougal has started up a Sunday weekly called Sun Sol that is quickly becoming the #1 place to finish out your weekend on the dance floor. Sun Sol takes place at NAYA in Silverlake, CA and features several guest house djs each week for your dancing pleasure. Find out more about Sun Sol Here.

Connect with Dougal:

DOUGAL – JAM On It Podcast – 10.01.12 – 1 hour 19 minutes

1.Wild Culture — For Everything
2.Nico Stojan —- La Eternidad (Deep Active Sound Remix)
3.Tonal — Subwave
4.Isa —- Florian Meidl
5.Chaim —- Ur Around Me
6.Mihai Popoviciu — Trading signals
7.Affkt – Jjo
8.Duke Dumont — Street Walker
9.Scott Kemp —- Soho
10.Loverdose —- I remember
11.Cottam —- Deep Deep Down
12.John Monkman —- Follow me
13.[a]pendics.shuffle & Mr. C —- Something Strange (Mikael Stavostrand remix)
14.Valentino Kanzyani —- Una Noche en Paraiso
15.Pitto — Ceiling in Paris
16.Flow & Zeo, Marcello V.O.R. — Come Back
17.Simon Garcia — Cinematique (Chaim & Varoslav remix)
18.Cipy — Where’s my Swiss Cat
19.Dave Vega — Missing Postcard From Venice
20.Atapy — Remember (Inex vs Droog remix)
21.Reboot — Beautiful Parasite

We hope you enjoy this mix from Dougal and share it with your friends.

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