Eddie B – Summer of Slinky Mix – JAM On It Podcast – 07.10.13

This JAM On It Podcast is a special gift from one of Slinky 14’s djs, Eddie B of Hawt in Los Angeles.

Here it is in his own words: 

Dear Slinky Fam!

Hope everyone is doing well!

So as many of you know or may have read, this year was my first time attending Slinky. I am still telling friends about what a great time I had, and really what a great event Slinky is as well. Going into this event, I was touched by the amount of people who were looking forward to hearing me play (especially Angela Mitchell!) So I decided to give out a CD at Slinky to Angela, and a few random others.

Of course, I left the CD’s back at my camp when it was time for my set, and of course the rest of the night was spent frolicking in the woods. As we were leaving the camp, it occurred to me that I didn’t hand out the CDs and it bummed me out. But then over the next couple of days as I was thinking of the great time I had; I realized that only a dozen or so people would have gotten that CD. That’s when I realized that I should give it to EVERYONE who was there! So here is a special mix that I am not making available to anyone but those who are a part of the Slinky Family! I had initially titled it “Summer Jams” but changed it to “Summer of Slinky” just to pay a little homage to one of the best weekends I’ve spent in 2013! It’s pretty much a CD full of bootlegs and remixed classics. Perfect for that Summertime BBQ! Plus it’s also fun for a girl or a boy!

Just want to take this moment to once again thank everyone for their kind words and support, it means more to me than you could possibly imagine. A special thank you to Mack, Deanna, Alex and Alicia for inviting to play this year. It was a true honor to play for you all!

with love,




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