Jason Blakemore and Onaquest sets from Echo Sessions on Hush Radio

From Echo Sessions on Hush Radio…

For those of you who missed the broadcast of the Slinky promo mix by Jason Blakemore last Thursday, here’s a copy to enjoy! Jason’s an O.G. LA DJ who’s graced the stage at almost every major festival in the SoCal area. In addition to being a staple ingredient to the festival experience, he’s played all over the world and headed up record record labels: Bassex, Life Music and now currently Fiveleg.

This is a special promo mix for an upcoming event called Slinky which Jason will be playing at. Slinky is an outdoor family gathering organized by JAM On It Productions and occurs the weekend of July 27th-29th. This years event takes place just minutes away from the Sequoia National Forest on never before used private land. Going 13 years strong, Slinky is not just a party for some…it’s a tradition! To learn more about this years event, DJ lineup and more, please click here.

For more information on Jason Blakemore, please visit http://jasonblakemore.com. For more information on Echo Sessions, please visit the show page.

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Listen here: http://hushradio.podbean.com/2012/07/15/echo-sessions-with-guest-jason-blakemore-71212/