Track Jacket Mafia – Slinky 17 Set Re-Recording – May 2016

Track Jacket Mafia (Darrell Tenaglia and Andy Kershaw) played at our 17th anniversary of Slinky Family Gathering April 29-May 1, 2016 on Friday evening from 9:30-11:00pm. Their set is an upbeat 1 hour 28 minute house set with custom Slinky exclusive tracks by the Mafia themselves. This mix is a re-recording of the set they performed live at Slinky 17.

We had a problem with our live recordings and the resulting quality was not good enough to release.



Track Jacket Mafia (aka Darrell Tenaglia & Andy Kershaw, 3AM Devices, SF)

There are tag teams, and then there are track teams. On rare, special occasions, DJs Darrell Tenaglia and Andy Kershaw of 3AM Devices join forces to become TRACK JACKET MAFIA. Tapping into a combined arsenal of over 36 years of DJing experience & track collecting, plus a communicative bond formed by many years of playing exclusive sets in the ultra underground ‘122 Sessions’, Track Jacket Mafia hits all the right notes, plays all of your favorite tracks, over both digital and vinyl, from deep tech to jackin’ house and everywhere in between, run on sentences be damned – you will #trackjackyourbody.

Andy Kershaw:

Darrell Tenaglia:

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