Dook – Live At Slinky 19 – April 2018

Dook’s Live dj set from Slinky 19: Slinky Family Gathering on April 27-29, 2018. Brought to you by JAM On It Productions. This was for JAM On It Productions’ 19 year anniversary of the outdoor gathering titled Slinky Family Gathering. This gathering took place in the Sequoia National Forest and featured 21 djs over a full weekend of camping.

1. The Chemical Brothers: Not Another Drugstore (Planet Nine Mix)
2. The Chemical Brothers: Go (Claude VonStroke Remix)
3. Olivier Giacomotto: Bipolar Star (Original Mix)
4. Justin Martin, Ardalan: Princess (Original Mix)
5. Sono: Keep Control (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
6. DJ Pierre, Supernova: The Beat (Gene Farris Remix)
7. DJ Dan: You Are Free (Original Mix)
8. Sandeman: Ice (Original Mix)
9. Block & Crown: Feel Galactic (Original Mix)
10. Claude VonStroke, Jesse Rose: Bare Mountain (Original Mix)
11. German Brigante: The Opposite (Original Mix)
12. Aaron Underwood: Blade Runner 2049 (Original Mix)
13. Gaiser: Oolooloo (Original Mix)
14. Gaiser: Pullpush (Original Mix)
15. Volkoder: People House (Original Mix)
16. Catz ‘n Dogz: Professor Nice Love (Original Mix)
17. Catz ‘n Dogz: Rave History (Original Mix)
18. The Chemical Brothers: Reflexion (Extended Mix)
19. Maetrik: The Reason (Original Mix)
20. Goldie: Kemistry (Justin Martin Remake – DJ Version)
21. Erik Hagleton: Pressure (Original Club Mix)
22. Basement Jaxx: Fly Life Xtra (Original Mix)
23. Danny Daze: DownHer (Dub Mix)
24. 16 Bit Lolitas: Deep In My Soul (Original Mix)
25. Monsters From ID: Spatial Lobe (Original Mix)

– DJ Dan – 15 Years of InStereo (InStereo, Apt-LA)
– Wally Callerio (Dufflebag Recrodings, Defected-LA)
– Alex Castillo (Slinky/JAM On It-LA)
– Andy Kershaw (Cosmic Disco, As You Like It-SF)
– Ben Vallery (Bodyrock Djs, Slinky/JAM On It-SF) 
– Bobby Saucedo (Bright People-LA)
– Bradley Fitzhenry (Sonicfoundation-Fresno)
– Bret Wallace (re:love-LA)
– Darrell Tenaglia (3AM Devices-SF)
– Dook (V.S. Sound-SD)
– Dougal (F.A.M.I.L.Y., re:love, Sweet ‘N Low-LA) 
– Eddie B (HAWT, Jel-O, UNA – LA)
– Jay Lovell (Strut-LA) 
– Jessica Rose b2b Shawn Whitson (Pork n Beats-LA)
– Joplin (Slinky/JAM On It, Pork n Beats-LA)
– Justin OBrien (Body Language, Slinky/JAM On It-SF) 
– LaceyIQ (Concurrent Recordings-LA)
– PuzzlePiece (Slinky/JAM On It, Pork n Beats-LA)
– Scotty James (Hush Crew-LA)
– Thee-O (Viva La Tech, re:love-LA)


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