Slinky 17 – Slinky Family Gathering

Slinky 17: Slinky Family Gathering
April 29-May 1, 2016 (doors at noon on Friday)
PreSale Tickets are now closed as of 4/25/16. We WILL have plenty of tickets at the door for $100 cash. If you can get directions from a friend or our JAM On It Group Facebook page, please come join us. <3
Under 500 Capacity

Our Event Website:

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE (Private, you must have someone invite you)

House Music | Family Potluck | Art | Camping | Yoga | Forest Location


  • Doc Martin (
  • Alex Castillo (Slinky/JAM On It-LA)
  • Ben Vallery (Bodyrock Djs, Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
  • Bobby Saucedo (Bright People-LA)
  • Bret Wallace (re:love-LA)
  • Dook (V.S. Sound-SD)
  • Dougal (F.A.M.I.L.Y., re:love, Sweet ‘N Low-LA)
  • Eddie B (HAWT, Jel-O, UNA – LA)
  • Jay Lovell (Strut-LA)
  • Joplin (Slinky/JAM On It, Pork n Beats-LA)
  • Justin OBrien (Body Language, Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
  • PuzzlePiece (Slinky/JAM On It, Pork n Beats-LA)
  • Scotty James (Hush Crew-LA)
  • Thee-O (Viva La Tech, re:love-LA)
  • Track Jacket Mafia (aka Darrell Tenaglia & Andy Kershaw, 3AM Devices-SF)
  • Zack Hill (VinylTribe-LA)



Private forest camping resort located in Sequoia National Forest, 50 miles East of Fresno. DIRECTIONS WILL BE MAILED OUT AND POSTED ON OUR PRIVATE GROUP PAGE THE WEEK OF THE EVENT. JOIN OUR MAILING LIST TO GET THEM. Post on here or private message a host. Also we will be adding all ticket purchaser emails to our list prior to sending directions.

Request to join here:
We may message you to confirm who you are and why you want to join. If for some reason you are not approved in a timely manner feel free to FB message us or email us with questions.

Highs 75-80
Lows 45-50


Tents are suggested for camping. We will allow you to drop off your gear near camping areas and park in the central parking lot. It’s all very close and cozy, no long walks.
No RVs or tow Campers allowed due to space limitations.
NO CABINS ARE AVAILABLE, but there is a community bunkhouse if you are interested in that, we can provide you with information.

Sunday camping will be available for those that want/need it. You can pay for that separately on Sunday directly to the property owner. You can find one of the Slinky staff at the event for help in coordinating this on Sunday also. The fee will be around $20 for Sunday night camping. We are not involved in booking Sunday camping and make no money from this fee.

People that are not camping Sunday night, are encouraged to start packing up to leave around 6pm Sunday night. DO NOT RUSH HOME, please rest, drive home safe and rested. There is no need to be unsafe and drive tired.


Friday, April29th, 2016 at 5:30pm
Event Page:


Video Art by Vhilm


LeRoy Rowland

Shanna Doherty

Jennifer Lynn Roberts


No firepits are allowed. We would rather not deal with the risk of something getting out of hand. Dress warm to make up for this. But most likely it will be too warm for a fire anyway.


Bring as much food, water, and other nourishment you would need to last the entire time at Slinky. If you are over 21, feel free to bring alcohol to enjoy with your camp and friends you meet that are also over 21 years of age.

We will most likely have some food vending available. Those details will be coming soon.

The venue might also have some ice for sale, but plan ahead by bringing ice and coolers that can last a day or two with ice in them.


No smoking will be allowed inside of the dance floor area. There will be signs reminding you of this. We will also have cigarette receptacles throughout the gathering for you in designated Smoking areas to place your butts. Respect the land and keep it clean so that we can continue to use it. Remember that cigarettes can start a fire.


Practicing a Leave No Trace Ethic is very simple: leave the place you visit the same or better than you found it; leave no trace of your having been there, so that others both human and animal can enjoy the land the rest of the year.

Over the years we have all done a great job of cleaning up any trash that accidentally hits the ground. Do your part by picking it up if you see it. Don’t let trash hit the ground if you can help it. Take the extra step to get it in a bag or take it back to your camp. We will also provide you with trash bags should you need them. Everyone can do their part and take responsibility for their own waste. Leave no trace.

We will provide trash bags for you to use if you need them.

The venue owner will not take camper trash away for us, it is your responsibility. That is not part of the program. Take your trash with you.


-A Reusable cup, for sharing and enjoying drinks.
-Plates and utensils for the Potluck on Friday night.
-Air Mattress
-Canopy/Ez-Up Shade structure – Some camps may not get tree shade
-Food for you and for the potluck on Friday
-Parasols/umbrella for shade
-Barbecue. GAS ONLY, No CHARCOAL will be permitted.
-Portable misters
-Camp Chairs
-Camera, take some videos and photos!
-Yoga Mat (for morning yoga)
-Squirt Guns, Misters, Things to stay cool
-Kites maybe? Not sure about wind, but plenty of space for it.
-Tables for your area- there are no benches on site
-Solar string lights to decorate your camp
-Fancy Hats
-Blow up swimming pools (for lounging)
-Big pillows and blankets for the above pools.
-Bean bags
-Garlic Oil, Lavender Oil, Peppermint Oil and Eucalyptus -Oil (to mask your scent from Deer Flies if they are present)
-Tall Feathers for your hat (Deer Flies go to the tallest point)
-TRASH BAGS – Your trash goes with YOU
-Bullhorns or Megaphones (we came to hear music, not you)
-Firearms of any kind
-Balloons (NO BALLOONS SHOULD BE VISIBLE AT THE GATHERING) We don’t want to EVER have to pickup broken balloon fragments.
-Firewood (no bonfires or pits allowed)
-Renegade sound systems not allowed. One stage one vibe only.
-Illegal things

Respect the land.
Anything else you know you shouldn’t bring.
No charcoal grills


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