Alex Castillo – ForestSwag Mix – 05.2014 – JAM On It Podcast

The JAM On It Podcast is back this week with a new mix from our own house music cool guy Alex Castillo. He took time away from poppin’ bottles of Cristal and making it rain Benjamins to drop a house music set full of ForestSwag beats.

We hope you enjoy the latest mix from our Chief Operations Coordinator/VP and long time resident and now father of two gorgeous little children. It’s 1 hour and 1 minute long and full of some great tracks. Enjoy it, share it, burn it and repost it.

Alex will be appearing at Slinky 15 on June 27-29th later this year along with Detroit Kings of Swing, Golf Clap and many more amazing DJs.

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Alex Castillo (JAM On It/Slinky-LA)


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