Ben Annand Live @ Slinky 13 on July 28, 2012

Ben Annand began this live set at Slinky 13 – Slinky Family Gathering technically on July 29th, since it was the following morning at 8:30 AM and played until 10:30 AM. But we’re keeping it simple and calling them all July 28th.

Enjoy this nearly 2 hour recording live from the Sequoia National Forest among the trees.

The second of many of the live recorded sets from Slinky 13 to be released in the coming weeks on our podcast.

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Ben’s Bio:

Ben Annand began djing in 1996, shortly after starting work as a high-school substitute teacher. Writing Mr. Annand on the board when he entered class every day, he decided to use this as his dj name.

Ben started Tropical in 1998, with the goal of bringing quality production and music to a small house party, using tropical as the decorative theme. In the past 10 years Ben has organized 49 Tropical parties on land and sea, last year featuring Dave Mothersole from London at the Tropical Valentine party, Miles Maeda at the Tropical Beach party on the sand in Malibu, and Dj Three at Tropical’s 10th anniversary on October 18. Tropical will return in June 2009 with the second edition of the Tropical Beach Party.

Since 1998, Ben has been resident dj at both Tropical and Moontribe, the famed full-moon gathering in the Mojave desert. He has performed frequently both nationally and internationally in his 12-year dj career, some highlights include the Labyrinth festival in Japan (2007 and 2008), Wiggle at Fabric in London (2007), 14 visits to the Propaganda club in Moscow (2001-2008), Rave Goa (2002) and Festimad (2001) in Madrid, and the Aca World Sound Festival in Acapulco (2000).

Ben is still actively teaching as well, currently he teaches English as a Second Language to as many as 74 students in one class.

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