Dennis the Menace – Slinky 18 Live – April 2017

Dennis the Menace Bubbico’s live dj set from Slinky 18 in April 2017. This was for JAM On It Productions’ 18 year anniversary of the outdoor gathering titled Slinky Family Gathering. This gathering took place in the Sequoia National Forest and featured 21 djs over a full weekend of camping.

1 DJ LeRoy Winter Blues
2 Nora Thud Thuddish Behaviour (Original Mix)
3 Andrey Slam Change The World (Chemars Remix)
4 DJ Seven What I Am
5 J.Caprice Time and Space
6 Corduroy Mavericks Whiskey River
7 Fresh Laces Get Better (Original Mix)
8 Mr. Nice Guy Beggin’
9 Sam Tyler Standing (Original Mix)
10 Filta Freqz Can’t You See (Original Mix)
11 Filta Freqz Now Listen
12 Chanson E Summer Madness
13 Jesse Rivera Anywhere But Here
14 Del Costa & Pedro Goya #37
15 Phil Weeks Funk in Your Trunk (DJ Tool)
16 Maxdal Saturday Night (Original Mix)

★ Wally Callerio (Dufflebag Recordings, Defected-LA)
★ Kenny Summit (Good For You Records-LA)
★ Alex Castillo (Slinky/JAM On It-LA)
★ Andy Kershaw (3AM Devices-SF)
★ Ben Vallery (Bodyrock Djs, Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
★ Bobby Saucedo (Bright People-LA)
★ Bret Wallace (re:love-LA)
★ Darrell Tenaglia (3AM Devices-SF)
★ Dennis the Menace (Strut-LA)
★ Dook (V.S. Sound-SD)
★ Dougal (F.A.M.I.L.Y., re:love, Sweet ‘N Low-LA)
★ Eddie B (HAWT, Jel-O, UNA – LA)
★ Jay Lovell (Strut-LA)
★ Jessica Rose (Pork n Beats-LA)
★ Joplin (Slinky/JAM On It, Pork n Beats-LA)
★ Justin OBrien (Body Language, Slinky/JAM On It-SF)
★ Olga Arteaga (Dancegruv Radio, Drop-LA)
★ PuzzlePiece (Slinky/JAM On It, Pork n Beats-LA)
★ Scotty James (Hush Crew-LA)
★ Thee-O (Viva La Tech, re:love-LA)
★ Zack Hill (VinylTribe-LA)

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