Scotty James – Live at Slinky 14 – 06.29.13 – JAM On It Podcast

This JAM On It podcast features the live Drum n Bass set from Hush’s Scotty James who closed out from 10am-12pm at our 14th anniversary Slinky Family Gathering on June 28-30, 2013. We’ll be posting all of the live mixes from that weekend for your to download, so keep an eye out. Thank you for the support.

Please share it, download it and play it a lot. Enjoy!


1. Mutt – Advanced Money”
2. Bungle – “Constant & Clear”
3. LSB – “Rollin’ Sideways”
4. Random Movement – “Her Song”
5. Dave Owen – “Deep Breathin'”
6. Bcee – “Make You Mine”
7. Silence Groove – “Air Up There”
8. Enei – “Runnin” (feat. Georgia Yates)
9. DuoScience – “I Found You” (feat. Scott Allen)
10. Radicall – “After Dark” (DJ Ike Remix)
11. Blu Mar Ten – “Believe Me” (Bop Remix)
12. Dave Owen – “Still Waters”
13. Big Bud & Soulconnection – “Dream Love”
14. Random Movement – “Dropping The Chips”
15. Mutt & Calculon feat. Kevin King – “Easy On The Motion”
16. Bachelors of Science – “Song For Lovers” (Lynx Remix)
17. Commix – “I Have You”
18. Silence Groove – “Munch Box”
19. Silence Groove – “Til You”
20. Hybrid Minds – “Fade” (feat. Katie Ambition)
21. Bcee – “Our Time”
22. Submotion Orchestra – “It’s All Yours” (S.P.Y. Remix)
23. Ivy Lab – “Afterthought” (feat. Frank Carter III)


The timeslots went in this order:
Kenji 12-1:30pm (OPENING SET)
Darrell Tenaglia 1:30-3pm
Erik Nelson 3-4:30pm
PuzzlePiece – DnB 4:30-6pm
Joplin McColl 6-7:30pm
DivaDanielle 7:30-9pm
Eddie B 9-10:30pm
Alex Castillo 10:30-12:30am
Ben Annand 12:30-2:30am
Zack Hill 2:30-4:30am
Benjamin Bodyrock 4:30-6:30am
Dougal 6:30-8am
Onaquest 8-10:00am
Scotty James – DnB 10-12:00pm (CLOSING SET)



Scotty James (Hush Crew-LA) – DnB


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