Dook – Live at Slinky 16 – May 2015

The live recording of Dook’s set from Slinky Family Gathering’s 16th Anniversary. Dook played from 1:30-3pm in the afternoon. Dook also provides Slinky’s amazing sound through his company V.S. Sound.

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(V.S. Sound-SD)

Since 2001, Dook has been playing music in and around the Southern California area. Primarily focused on the Underground, Dook has never sought the limelight of the mainstream. He primarily played and still plays for some of the most well-known promoters in San Diego, where he is based. His versatility is renowned, able to play everything from a chill and enticing opening set, uplifting sunrise sets, high-note closing sets, and also in the prime time. His musical cues are also equally varied, beginning with trance and quickly adapting other, meatier, styles including progressive house/trance, chicago house, breakbeats, many different style of techno, drum and bass, and of course many forms of House music. In 2009 he decided to provide even more to the cause by acquiring a Funktion-One PA speaker system, thus providing the top-tier of high fidelity audio to the production companies that don’t have the resources of a mega-club or Insomniac. He currently continue to impress crowds and fans from both Front of House and behind the decks. Slinky 15 was his third appearance operating the main stage PA and his first starting off Saturday afternoon with a bang. Catch the magic again at Slinky 16!