Onaquest Live at Slinky 13 on July 28, 2012

Dan “Onaquest” took to the decks around 10pm before Christian Martin.

He kept the pace of the night going with a well programmed House music set. Here it is(down below), all one hour 27 minutes for you to download, stream, burn and enjoy.

Have fun and thank you.



Connect With Onaquest:

Made in Japan. Upgraded in Jersey. Rebuilt in Seattle. Finely tuned in Los Angeles.

Adept at mixing a dynamic soundscape, his mission is simple; use the music to connect the people by moving their souls and their feet. Onaquest pays respect to the classic history of dance culture while seamlessly injecting forward thinking music. His solid foundation in drum & bass, house, and techno was forged back in the 90?s while shooting video footage of live performances, and updating the vast catalog of vinyl and cd’s for Groovetech Seattle, where he also hosted a weekly mix show for a number of years.

Never one to sit still, his relentless pursuit of quality music and the deep desire to learn more about its various cultures has taken him to such cities as Barcelona, Berlin, and Tokyo where he has performed, and captured video footage of events and notable individuals who are defining their cities. He currently uses the Echo Sessions weekly show on Hush Radio as a platform to showcase Artists and DJ’s : past, present, and future.


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