Slinky 14 Fundraiser


We are offering T-Shirts, Flasks, stickers, magnets and other rewards for those of you who can contribute to our fundraising project.

We decided to do this funding project after suggestions from friends and attendees at Slinky 13. Our goal with this is to be able to have some extra money prior to Slinky to help get the ball rolling on planning for #14.

We thought going with the “all or nothing” model of funding would be best due to the many rewards we are offering for donation supporters. If we didn’t meet our goal but still got some funding, we would have a hard time delivering on the rewards we promised due to many of those having minimum order levels, which can be costly.

We tried to make the donation levels somewhat reasonable and worth of the item, with a bit of a gap and accounting for shipping costs. Remember, this is a fundraiser. 

We have thrown nearly every Slinky with the money out of our own pockets and have rarely seen that money return. We keep doing it year after year, despite losing money, because we love it.

We love all of the people that come out and we don’t want to stop anytime soon, and have no plans to. This little bit of money we raise will go a long way to getting some things for Slinky 14 up and running and lighten the load on our personal expenses.