Alex Castillo Playing NYE at United We Dance (LA)

Alex Castillo will be representing Slinky and JAM On It at a collaborative event on New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles. It’s very cheap and stocked full of amazing talent. Come out and support and save some money.

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:::FAMILY :::L-n-H :::Hush Crew :::Downtown :::re:love :::NITESHIFT :::SHAKE :::Flammable Liquid/Groove in the Park :::Teknicos :::Heartbeat Collective ::JAM On It/Slinky-LA :::FTWK

United We Dance NYE
9pm – 6am

Downtown LA Location:
2 Dance Floors
Multiple-Areas / Multi-Level Location


:: Tony Largo (DYMK)
:: Dougal (FAMILY)
:: Jaymystic (Hush Crew)
:: Bret Wallace (re:love)
:: Kenji (L-n-H)
:: DJ Fido (Flammable Liquid/Groove in the Park)
:: Mullie (Heartbeat Collective)
:: Sergio V (Tecknicos)
:: Joseph Munguia (niteshift, CMA)
:: RudyC. (FTWK, nYk Rec.)
:: Raul Acevedo (SHAKE)
:: Slick Dada (Shifted Music, WTW)
:: Alex Castillo (JAM On It/Slinky-LA)

(: ——————> $5 Cover <—————— 🙂

RSVP HERE at this link for entry and directions: